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Gurp ravine

Location: Gurp
Level: Middle
Abseiling longer: 18 m
Water regime: All year
Duration: 4 hours
Description: Starts the descent by open but excavated ground. Short overhangs and a little rappelling. We reach a rappelling can drop from a ledge right or by the sine of the waterfall (12 m). We passed under a natural arch produced a huge detached block and it unites us by the 1zq. a tributary (reviewed as option B in some guidebooks, has enough rebates but is very dressed in cutting vegetation). Still a very nice 18 m with hanging Kettle rappelling. Below another rappel with embedded on your block, and downstream unites us the tributary we crossed in access (Font del MOLÍ) which, depending on the flow which requisitioned the army will bring more or less flow to the main. Beautiful waterfall at the confluence. From here, the walls gain in spectacle. Are several overhangs and short rappels (saltables) up to a playful kettles Hall called them banyeretes
Minimum group: 2 pax
Price: 55€