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Pyrenees Canyoning in Pyrenees

From Canyoning Valencia, we suggest strongly that if you have tried this sport with us and you like, come to make canyoning to Pyrenees. Our qualified guides will teach you the treasures in the form of canyons and ravines that hide our good beloved Pyrenees.

If already in our community there are a lot of canyons, in the Pyrenees the number of ravines is exponential. And almost all have a permanent water regime. Pyrenees is the paradise of the canyoners, filled with waterfalls, pools, kettles, rappels, caves, bolques, rappelling, and more fun for us, the natural slides that are falling into pools of crystal clear water.

If you are a group of friends, a stag or hen party, a group, a club and want to spend a weekend totally different practicing sport and a lot o funf, don't hesitate. Valencia Adventure offers weekend, with accommodation and transportation packages if necessary both in the Huesca Pyrenees as in Catalonian or French. See our travel section.

Or just you and your partner or your family you are going a few days to clear you to Pyrenees and you have designed activities, you can hire from here the ravine or canyons that you want to make, uses we'll put you in contact with our local guides.