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Rescued: five Valencian mountaineers which were trapped in la cueva alavesa de la Lece

The Basque police mountain rescue unit has rescued six mountaineers, five Valencian and their guide, which were trapped in the alavesa Cave of the Elec (Asparrena), two of them with symptoms of hypothermia.

As reported by the Basque Department of Homeland Security in a note, about seven o'clock yesterday afternoon, a member of the DYA which was climbing in place called SOS-DEIAK, started to worry about the lack of news of a group doing canyoning.

This member of the DYA heard screams from the ravine cave, the mountaineers called for help when they had the feeling they were unable to gross the two waterfalls, which they had to cross to reach land.  

Emergency services and members of the mountain rescue unit of the Ertzaintza rushed to the place and rescued the mountaineers safely, they got out of the cave about nine o'clock at night.

Four of the rescued were fine but a woman and a man had symptoms of hypothermia, so eventually the man was taken to a health center Agurain.

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