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Rescued: five Valencian mountaineers which were trapped in la cueva alavesa de la Lece

The Basque police mountain rescue unit has rescued six mountaineers, five Valencian and their guide, which were trapped in the alavesa Cave of the Elec (Asparrena), two of them with symptoms of hypothermia.

As reported by the Basque Department of Homeland Security in a note, about seven o'clock yesterday afternoon, a member of the DYA which was climbing in place called SOS-DEIAK, started to worry about the lack of news of a group doing canyoning.

This member of the DYA heard screams from the ravine cave, the mountaineers called for help when they had the feeling they were unable to gross the two waterfalls, which they had to cross to reach land.  

Emergency services and members of the mountain rescue unit of the Ertzaintza rushed to the place and rescued the mountaineers safely, they got out of the cave about nine o'clock at night.

Four of the rescued were fine but a woman and a man had symptoms of hypothermia, so eventually the man was taken to a health center Agurain.

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A little bit of history

Hello adventurers!

Talking about the history of canyoning in Spain is a little bit a hard task, since there is almost no literature to find about this subject. 

Canyoning is born with the force showing the unknown man exploration, survival and knowledge of places. There´s no doubt that the first explorers who venture into canyons, gorges and ravines has been primitive man since today you can see in many of the can. Therefore, those who knows these places the best are always the natives of the area themselves. Either for there own interests (water, fishing, bath)... or seeking knowledge in the environment, ther¡y were always applying a large doses of adventure. 

The history of Spain about ravines, gorges and canyons goes hand in hand with the famous explorers of our neighboring country. These great adventurers moved there knowledge about the environment, exploring the unknown and the interest to discover inaccessible places. A good example of one of those explorers is Lucient Briet (1870-1921), adventurer and writer. His forays in the Pyrenees left us great discoveries. 

But the rise of this activity begins to form from the 60s-70s and is taking it´s biggest blast in the 80s with the binding with the Spanish Federation of Speleology And the Spanish Federation of mountains. These Spanish Federations programmed different activities to explore new places for all kinds of groups, clubs and associations. 

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Good morning adventures!

Let me tell you something about VIAS FERRATAS and make contact with the verticality of the rock.

Via ferrata is a route both vertical as horizontal. The route is equipped with various types of materials: nails, staples, dams, railings, chains, bridges and zip lines. Those parts will allow you to reach safely remote areas for hikers or places which are not used for climbing. Security is provided by a steel cable throughout the track and everyone is wearing a special harness in the event of a fall.

In the Valencian Community, there are a lot of Vias ferratas. The graduation of a via ferrata ranges from K1 to K6. The last one is rare to see, although the most are in Lleida.

A middle-grade that we have in Spain is K4: La Mulatica, El Aventador, El Ponoig and El Cid. In our catalogue you can find the description of each.

We provide you all the necessary equipment for your Via Ferrata trip; harness, kit ferrata, ropes and a helmet. Beside the necessary equipment we provide, you’ll need to bring some things yourself; comfortable clothes, boots, leather gloves, food and drink.

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Meet our extensive catalog of canyons and ravines, both aquatic to enjoy the hot summer, and dry which can be made throughout the year. We have 4 sections differentiated by provinces Castellón, Valencia, Alicante and other communities to be able to see the canyon or ravine that best suits your needs or tastes.



Enjoy your free time, weekend or vacation, practicing canyoning, and getting to know new places, countries and of course new ravines. Please check our catalogue of Canyoning Travels, which we will expand with time.

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